Has it ever happened to you to not feel uncomfortable in a place without being able to determine why?


Have you wondered why you sleep better in a one room, rather than another?


Why a company encounters financial problems, when its competitor is doing very well?


Why some events in your life escape you inspite your efforts?


A Feng Shui analysis of your home or office will bring you the answers, solutions and above all results!


You may not know this but the layout of the building and its immediate surrounding has an influence on your life. A Feng Shui consultant can evaluate these influences at a spécifique moment and then provides recommendations to help create a home, or at work, an environment in which people will succeed and prosper.


Feng Shui is not just a simplistic method of "zen" decoration or just a question of choice of colors and placement of objects like many popular books make us believe.


Feng Shui is not magic as sometimes spectacular result can us believe.


Above all, you cannot improvise yourself as a feng shui consultant because it's a complex art that requires many years of study under the supervision of a recognized master. Applying fragmented information,erroneous or incomplete remedies will be ineffective and maybe even dangerous. 


This is a metaphysical science that studies and manipulates the profound influences of the forces of the universe to channel beneficial energy into our environment in order to improve our lives and bring us health, harmony and prosperity.


The consultant will analyze the interaction between the people, the buildings and their environments in order to examin how they affect our lives and well-being whether we are at home, at work or traveling. By identifying the energy zones of a home or office, the  Feng Shui audit will help you to restore harmony between human beings and the forces of nature.


We can enable and exploit good energies, reduce and avoid the worst ones, bring balance to your home and promote prosperity, health, family and social relationships as well as the success of the whole family.


This is a complex and technical environmental expertise, which takes into account the time, space and the interaction with the flow of "IQ" (chi), vital energy present in all living things on our planet.


I pratice in the Southwest France, Pau, Aquitaine and Pyrenees Atlantic


Feng Shui Sud Ouest Pyrénées harmonie prospérité